The People of People, Places and Things

The muddle of an inflexible hierarchy, or at least my unwillingness to have more than three top levels.

So, under People we have also got Pets and Events. Pets and events are not people. However, events are nothing without people.

Pets and other animals? Obviously not people, but beings that I do have a close relationship to. And I can't fit them in anywhere else.

Portraits and more are just that. Pictures of people I know, or with whom I at least have a connection with.

There are people in lots of photos in the gallery under the Places category too but they tend to be people I have no relationship with. They are just there, in the photograph. Particularly on the street.
Portraits and more
Portraits and more
from Thursday 10 September 1981 to Sunday 1 July 2018
WTF? Under people

Well why not?

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