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I spent a lot of time just wandering around my neighbourhood with whatever camera I'd just got second-hand. There were many good reactions when people saw a Rolleiflex or a 1930's folding camera, or anything that wasn't the usual big fuck-off DSLRs that tourists and photographers usually pointed at things. I'd shoot the film and go home to develop it there and then in my makeshift bathroom darkroom. Or try a new development technique. I couldn't wait to see the results.

If nothing else, it taught me a lot about composition and valuing the shot. A roll of film is finite, especially 6x9.

The early 2000s and onwards was also memorably the beginning of the denormalisation of street photography. If you were pointing a camera at something you were at best a terrorist, worst a paedophile.

I was stopped and searched several times under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA). I had a collection of Section 44 notices pinned to my noticeboard. Just for photographing in public places. It is public space after all.

We are photographers not terrorists is still relevant.

It only seemed to apply if you had a proper camera... I (or anybody else) could scope out anywhere with a mobile phone camera and Google Maps/Street View. Using a mobile is the new normal, pointing a camera is somehow aberrant. How did that happen?

I have nothing but contempt for such security theatre.
Thursday 21 May 2015
Nunhead Cemetery
Nunhead Cemetery
These photos were taken with Rolleiflex TLR cameras (an Automat from 1948 and a 2.8F from 1974) and a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta IV rangefinder from the 1950s.

The film was either HP5 or FP4 developed in Rodinal. I was experimenting with pushing the film and extended dev times.

The Automat Tessar has harsh bokeh.
Saturday 14 November 2009
Peak District & surrounds
S.E.London Miscellaneous
S.E.London Miscellaneous
from Monday 2 February 2009 to Saturday 20 February 2010
Slaley, Northumberland, 2013
Slaley, Northumberland, 2013
from Monday 18 to Tuesday 19 March 2013

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